Instructions by the Government with regard to holding weddings and other functions during COVID19 pandemic.

July 23, 2020 Comment

It is needless to say that with the current situation when every nation is grappling with a global pandemic things are not normal. Every industry has been going through major changes and the same has happened with the event industry. As we move towards a new normal the government has introduced certain sets of guidelines for the resumption of public activities while preventing the spreading of the COVID19.

The government has introduced a strict set of conditions with regards to holding weddings and other events in a reception hall. Here are some of them for your reference.

Weddings in hotels/ reception halls

  • the number of occupants should be 50% of the seating capacity of the hall.
  • maximum number of occupants should be no more than 100.
  • should adhere to the one metre distancing.
  • encourage all visitors to wear masks.
  • food will be served by a dedicated staff and no self-servicing is allowed.
  • allow only the bride and groom to enter the dancing floor.
  • do not permit the consumption of liquor.
  • shaking hands and hugs to be avoided.
  • the hotels are required to fill and submit the Assurance form to the local authorities.

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Conduct of conferences/seminars/brand launches

  • the conduct of seminars and conferences should be minimized and virtual platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Viber, Imo and emails to be used as much as possible.
  • invite the minimum possible number of people and keep the meeting short.
  • a list of participants with their contact details should be obtained.
  • adhere to one metre distance rule and seating should be arranged accordingly.
  • should not sent articles or other documents from hand to hand.
  • avoid sharing microphones and marker pens.
  • face masks should be worn.
  • hand washing/sanitinsing facilities should be provided.
  • preventive measures should be announced.
  • avoid any physical contact with other participants.
  • have your own pen, water bottle etc.

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Photographers/ Videographers

  • use a minimum number of equipment and disinfect all equipment before use.
  • avoid sessions in highly croded or public areas.
  • wear masks and use hand sanitizers.
  • maintain one metre distance.
  • avoid group photographs.
  • no group selfies.
  • do not provide make-up and encourage clients to bring their own make-up.
  • required to fill out and submit the Assurance form to the authorities.

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